Video: J.R. Smith Goes Off For 52 Points And 22 Rebounds

I’d say J.R. Smith’s knee has recovered quite nicely, wouldn’t you? 

Though I can’t find an official box score (thanks Chinese censorship of the web… and also a severe language barrier), this video shows Smith going off in a very J.R. Swish kind of way for 52 points.  I counted six 3-pointers in there, the last of which came off a spin move beyond the arc.  I could have seen that play alone with the face (and tattoos) blurred out and I would have said “who is that, J.R. Smith or something?”  The 22 rebounds are a nice added bonus.  Lord knows where that kind of rebounding came from.

For a guy who allegedly tried to fake-injury his way out of town, it seems he’s settled in.  Thanks, Stephon Marbury.

via PBT