Carlos Boozer isn’t an amnesty target, right now anyway

Carlos Boozer has three years and $47.1 million left on his contract. He has not been that awesome in Chicago, and a good portion of Bulls fans would have liked to see him bounced two seasons ago. 

He is still in the Windy City though, and apparently will be for the short-term. While the Bulls still hold their amnesty card, Hoopsworld is reporting that sources insist they have not even considered doing Boozer like that. 

This from Steve Kyler:

Bulls’ sources maintained all summer that using their amnesty cut on Boozer has never been a real consideration. But as the value of his deal gets smaller, the odds that the Bulls will have to make the hard decision, becomes more and more real. Could the Bulls trade Boozer? Maybe. But given what he’s produced on the floor and what he’s owed over the next three years the Bulls might be stuck with him, As the cap system gets tighter and tighter, if Boozer can’t bounce back to his pseudo All-Star form, the Bulls may have no choice to be to consider amnestying him next summer, especially if they want to add more pieces once Rose return from injury.

The one thing that fans sometimes miss with the amnesty is that somebody still needs to pay that salary. That somebody being the owner. It would be great to get Boozer's numbers off the books, but then you would still have to replace him with somebody.

So say you do amnesty Boozer next week. Then you pick up a guy at three-years, $8 million per, for a total commitment of $24 million moving forward. That player would be worth approximately $22 million in real dollars next season to the people responsible for cutting the checks.

Is whoever you get to replace Boozer going to get you more than 15 points and 8.5 rebounds per night?

Not likely, which is why Carlos is still Boozering it up in Chicago. 


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