Everyone is celebrating the Heat, including erotic dancers

Congratulations to the Miami Heat, the 2012 NBA champions and soon Heat fans in Miami and across the CrossoverChroniclesRC1world will be soaking in a championship parade in downtown Miami.

But the dancers at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City are already celebrating the Heat’s second title.

A few of the women, who formed the Rick’s Cabaret Basketball Association, offered their thoughts on Miami’s victory as only erotic dancers can.

“I take my hat off to the Heat, they are the best,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Skyler who plays center on the Rick’s Cabaret basketball team.

“You mean you take your top off!” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Olivia. “Miami is the best.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girls Alison, Brandi and Alex, who all play for the club’s basketball team agreed. 
“Miami just had too many great players, and Lebron James is the best of them all right now,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica.

Yeah, that just happened.

Regardless, I am sure men in NYC will gladly celebrate with these women whether the Heat, Bobcats, or Raptors won a title. Who cares? Just look at them.

And like the women at Rick’s, I am sure all Heat fans are still partying at the franchise’s second title.

Hit the jump to see more photos. I know that’s the only reason anyone is still reading this. They’re sort of, kind of NSFW.