Gordon has to find a way to like New Orleans

The New Orleans Hornets matched the Phoenix Suns’ offer sheet to Eric Gordon for four years and $58 million, no real surprise there. The Hornets have made it clear for a while that they intend to keep Gordon around long term and build around him.

Gordon hasn’t shown the same type of loyalty.

“Gordon said last week that if the Hornets matched the offer, he’ll play for New Orleans, but wouldn’t be happy about it. Before signing the Suns’ offer sheet, Gordon declared that his heart was in Phoenix, and he questioned the Hornets’ commitment to him. He said he felt disrespected by the Hornets’ four-year, $50 million extension offer in January.”

Well, tough cookies Mr. Gordon, it looks like you are stuck. If I were the Hornets organization, I would find a way to turn his frown upside-down real quick. They have a young and promising team and you do not want the negative feelings of one guy bringing everyone else down. Of course, if $58 million dollars does not put a smile on your face, I am not sure what will.

Hornets head coach Monty Williams knows how important team chemistry is and it is clear he will not hesitate to trade Gordon if there is not a quick attitude adjustment.

“I just think when you’re going through free agency and you’re talking about that kind of money, certain things are said and felt,” Williams said. “At the same time, I’m not going to back off that stance: We want people that want to be here. If you don’t want to be here, then we have to make some adjustments.”

So there are two paths ahead of Eric Gordon.

He can keep whining, let his bad attitude affect his performance and hope he gets traded somewhere else, or he can play his heart out for the city of New Orleans and hope this young team gels into something special.

If he takes Option A, he will be labeled as one of those guys who only plays for money, and he becomes what people hate most about professional athletes. He will be one of the NBA’s villains.

If he goes for Option B he can regain the trust of his current city and play for a team that is showing a lot of potential right now.

I would take Option B.