Knicks looking to add back-up for Amar’e Stoudemire, maybe Birdman?

Shawne Williams wanted to play in New York next season. The Knicks don't appear to want him though. While he's been able to step out and stretch defenses some from his post playing position in the NBA, New York is looking for more of a traditional big to bring off the bench in support of Stoudemire. 

Traditional in the sense that those bigs are looking to bang, rebound, and defend the basket first. According to ESPNNewYork, that list includes the following:

The top candidates are Kenyon Martin and Louis Amundson, but both players want at least the mini mid-level exception of $3 million or higher. Martin played with the Clippers last season, but he will not be back because the team has 15 guys on contract, and they would have to dip into the luxury tax to sign him. 

Other fours likely on the Knicks' radar include D.J. White, Chris Andersen, who played with Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith in Denver, and Jordan Williams, who played for the Nets last season. Williams was recently waived by the Hawks. 
The veteran's minimum is all the New York Knicks can offer. Williams, who shares an agent with Stoudemire and Knicks second year guard Iman Shumpert, was willing to accept that. According to the report, Martin and Amundson are not. But would the Birdman take that?
I'm not sure. If he was willing to, I think he'd be perfect coming off the bench in New York.

If there is one thing that Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire lack it's defensive desire and ability. Tyson Chandler was extremely valuable because those are two areas he excels if not dominates. But Chandler needs help.
If when Stoudemire went to the bench, you can roll out the Birdman for four and five minute stretches of diving and defense, I think that'd help. Moreso than looking to bring in another player who was looking to take shots away from 'Melo, Shump, and everybody else.
We'll see which way New York ends up going, my vote is for the Birdman.
Image: Birdman

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