CC video of the day: LeBron rather not have Kawhi Leonard check in the game

The Spurs got the pivotal Game 5 win in San Antonio to go up 3-2 in the 2013 NBA Finals over the Heat.

Large part of the Spurs' lead in the series has obviously been the torrid shooting of Danny Green from long range but also the Spurs' solid defense on the NBA MVP, LeBron James.

Built like an NFL tight end and with the speed of a gazelle, James is a handful for all NBA teams and whichever player has the assignment of guarding him needs much luck.

But the Spurs have done a decent job at containing James thanks to their first line of defense — Kawhi Leonard. Leonard has had the main job of trying to slow James down and from the looks of this video, it seems that Leonard may be giving James some issues.

Check out LeBron's reaction when Kawhi checks back into the game during Game 5 in San Antonio. Needless to say, you know what he is thinking since it is written all over his face.