Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 10

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images/ZimbioChicago Bulls/Brooklyn Nets: Game 5

–       Kirk Hinrich is out for tonight. That means that the leash is off Nate Robinson for an entire game. There is no question Robinson loves to let it fly. The question becomes whether or not we will see the Robinson that lit it up at the end of Game 4 or a crazy, erratic Robinson.

–       The other day I wrote about who you would want taking a wide-open three-pointer. If you absolutely needed a rebound, would you want anyone other than Reggie Evans? That guy is a machine dedicated to only one thing.

–       It is hard to really say a game is won in this series. Have to hold on until it’s a sure thing. With a 14-point lead and 1:15 to go, I would say that is a sure thing. Or would I….?

–       The Bulls managed to just hang around all game, finally made their run at the end of the third quarter and into the fourth to get within one, then it seems like they just ran out of gas. Nets end the game on a 17-3 run

–       As it has been for the rest of the series, Bulls’ defense is a big story. If they play that swarming style of play that throws Brooklyn off their rhythm, 91 points is enough to win. Instead they lose by 19.

–       Six players in double figures for the Nets. Solid team effort. Going to need to kick it up to the next gear though if they want to come back to Brooklyn for a Game 7.

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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/ZimbioIndiana Pacers/Atlanta Hawks: Game 4

–       Another opportunity for a team to rebound and even a series after going down 0-2. With the way the teams played in Game 3, I would not be that surprised.

–       I am starting to think the Hawks would be better off stepping back and taking their free throws from behind the three-point line. Exaggeration of course, but their three-point percentage is high, free throw percentage is quite low.

–       Josh Smith is back to being “the man” for Atlanta.

–       All Pacers starters scored in double figures, but they also played a big chunk of minutes (41, 41, 41, 39, 31). If that does not take its toll this round, it surely will against the Knicks.

–       Kind of funny that the two series I called the “least intriguing” (Bulls/Nets and Pacers/Hawks) when the playoffs started are both headed to at least six games.

Bob Levey/Getty Images/ZimbioOklahoma City Thunder/Houston Rockets: Game 4

–       Not calling for brooms in this one. I think the Rockets will play like the Celtics, determined not to lose a series on their home floor and steal one game from the Thunder to take something positive into next season.

–       If you told me Scott Brooks was in one of those teen comedies like “American Pie” or “Road Trip” in his younger days, I would believe you.

–       That look Carlos Delfino gave to Kevin Durant when he dunked on him was awesome and hilarious at the same time. You are down 0-3 Carlos, probably best to keep the taunting looks to a minimum.


–       Durant is very fun to watch without Russell Westbrook, but I feel like this is knocking years off his career to carry a team like this.

–       Trying not to rehash old stuff in these posts to keep it fresh, but again, Chandler Parsons, where did he come from?

–       Down the stretch there was an airball, a charge, a missed shot on an isolation play, a busted play that resulted in a bad shot and a missed layup on an offensive rebound. Did either team really want to win that game?


–       Back to Oklahoma City. Would not be surprised if the Thunder won Game 5 by 50.