Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 14

Jim Rogash/Getty Images/ZimbioNew York Knicks/Boston Celtics: Game 6

–       Four Game Sixes tonight. That is a lot of basketball packed into a Friday night. It is an easy decision in the first round of games. Going with this game rather than Pacers/Hawks, as I am sure most of the world will be.

–       The Celtics decided to have their slump in the first half tonight. Ten points in the first quarter and everyone except for Kevin Garnett looks cold. Paul Pierce just looks awful. Does not bode well.

–       The Knicks went cold in the second quarter. The Celtics are hanging around and had a nice little run with back-to-back three-pointers from Jeff Green and Jason Terry, but still down 12 at half.

–       I wonder if someone told Carmelo Anthony to distribute a little bit more. He does not seem to be forcing the issue as much tonight.

–       Call me a pessimist, but coming back from a 20-point deficit after only scoring 47 points through the first three quarters seems close to impossible.

–       ……………… 20-0 run, Boston? Really? You are that determined to prove me wrong?

–       Celtics had all the momentum, and then like most teams who put so much energy into a comeback, they just ran out of gas.

–       Impressive job by the Celtics to make the series interesting and have people believing a 3-0 comeback, but ultimately they come up short. Knicks better get it together if they want to get by the Pacers next round.

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Paul Abell/Getty Images/ZimbioIndiana Pacers/Atlanta Hawks: Game 6

–       Even though the Hawks have two double-digit wins at home in this series, I got the impression from Game Five the Pacers may have figured things out. I am thinking they finish off the series tonight.

–       If Kyle Korver is not going to be hitting three-pointers, what is he out there for?

–       37-29 at half? No wonder I am watching the Celtics/Knicks game. There is so much more offense in that… oh wait.

–       Much more offense in the third quarter and the Pacers extend their lead. Hawks could be down to the last quarter of the season.

–       When I made my prediction that the Pacers would win, I assumed Paul George would be showing up tonight.

–       Hawks have it within five with four minutes to go. That will get me to switch from the Knicks blowout.

–       Josh Smith’s blocked three-pointer and a six-point lead for the Pacers combined with ESPN2’s audio issues mean it is time to go back and check out the crazy Celtics comeback.

–       On to the next round for the Pacers. Thank goodness that is over. Another mediocre finish to the season for the Hawks.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images/ZimbioLos Angeles Clippers/Memphis Grizzlies: Game 6

–       The Clippers won Game Seven in Memphis last year to advance to the second round. They are going to need some magic to send this series back to L.A.

–       Lamar Odom is starting instead of the injured Blake Griffin. Not sure how many minutes Griffin is going to play, but if he is hindered like in Game Five, he is going to do more harm than good.

–       The Grizzlies took 20 free throws in just the first quarter. If the Clippers are not careful, they are going to foul out their whole team.

–       Chris Paul has 15 points with eight minutes to go in the second quarter. No, wait… that’s Matt Barnes’ stat line. That cannot be right.

–       The announcers seem to be clueless that Caron Butler’s intent to step over Marc Gasol was him trying to taunt. I am glad the refs saw it and gave him a tech.

–       Strong finish to the half for the Grizzlies after most of the second quarter was spent back and forth.

–       Grizzlies really getting it going in the third. Without Griffin, the Clippers do not have two post players to match with Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Odom is getting dominated down low.

–       Emotions starting to boil over. Getting close to that fight I have been wanting since Game One.

–       Double-digit game. Switching to the Thunder/Rockets as the primary game unless it gets close again.

–       Clippers are unraveling, with Joey Crawford refereeing… Technical fouls for all!

–       At least Chris Paul is going down with a highlight reel.

–       If everyone on Twitter can see that the Clippers should be exploiting the mismatches they have, why can’t their coach?

–       Paul capping his highlight reel with an ejection. Sad ending to the season for CP3. Much happier ejection for Randolph.

–       Memphis wins four in a row to close out the Clippers. You all better watch out for the Grizzlies. They are about to make some noise in the Western Conference.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images/ZimbioOklahoma City Thunder/Houston Rockets: Game 6

–       Earlier this week, I said I want to root for the Rockets because it’s always cool when you make history, but if the Rockets do come back and win, the first 3-0 comeback in NBA history will have a big asterisk on it because of the Russell Westbrook injury. I would prefer if history did not have an asterisk, so I hope the Thunder win.

–       Finally someone wants to step up to help out Kevin Durant. Kevin Martin having his first real good game of the series. Reggie Jackson not doing too bad either. You knew eventually the rest of the Thunder team was going to realize Westbrook isn’t coming back and they actually need to play.

–       Rockets only down four at halftime with no one really playing that great. You have to think they will come out fired up in the second half, especially with that crowd behind them.

–       The Thunder are looking like their Game Five selves during this third quarter. No one making shots and the Rockets are just tearing them apart.

–       Unlike Game Five, the Thunder made a run with no answer from the Rockets. Tied at 74.

–       Kevin McHale trying to get James Harden some rest. Does not work like that in the playoffs. He has to come back in after only a minute on the bench.

–       Thunder finally close out a game like a number one seed.

–       Four Game Sixes, four series over.