Barry Sanders high school highlight tape surfaces. It’s real. And it’s spectacular.

Stop the presses.

Drop the mic.

It’s over.

Even though it’s only May 2, our friends over at have officially won the award for the “YouTube Find of 2013.” The video is embedded above, and is a never-before-seen (at least by us) high school highlight tape of Barry Sanders’.

And by the way… It's real. And it's spectacular.

It also shows you that long before he was ever a do-it-all Pro Bowler for the Lions, a Heisman Trophy winner for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, or (to a younger generation of football fans) the father of Stanford redshirt freshman Barry Sanders Jr., Sanders Sr. was a stud in the high school ranks. It also makes you wonder how un-fun and unfair it was to be a Wichita-area high school defensive star in the mid 1980’s.

If anything, it’s just a great precursor of all the greatness that was to come.

As CBS’s Eye on College Football pointed out, Sanders Sr. still holds an FBS record by averaging 239 yards per game during the 1988 season, a record that doesn’t seem likely to be broken any time soon.

After watching this video, it’s not hard to see why.

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