CBR’s The Bachelor Diary: The Women Tell All highlights


We're just a week away from Sean, our ex-Kansas State linebacker and resident shirtless bachelor, getting down on one knee and proposing to either Catherine or Lindsay. However, before we get there tonight it's all about the drama as it's the "The Women Tell All" special. 

Seriously, what could be better than two hours of rehashing all the crap Tierra pulled and the women Sean scorned or just flat out didn't like?

Is Tierra engaged already? What the hell happened with our season favorites AshLee and Desiree? We'll get all of those answers and more as the ladies dish on Sean and each other. Get your popcorn and beverages ready – this is sure to be amazingly hilarious.

So because of that we won't be going timeline again, instead we're here to give you the highlights of it all.

The Highlights:

– Sean went on a tour of all these ladies that get together for The Bachelor parties…. Oh no, they hit a sorority house as well and all hell breaks loose – if you consider a bunch of screaming sorority girls from UCLA all hell… 

– Oh great… a hole nother segment about how hot Sean is… O.k., ABC – WE GET IT… THE LADIES LOVE SEAN & HIS AB'S…. can we move on?

– Here is the Tierra segment of the show:

– The women all seem to think she was at the very least "milking" her fall down the stairs and her "hypothermia" from the polar bear plunge. They all admit that Tierra got in the way of finding love with Sean and it's making some of them (Robyn especially) mad. Chris Harrison reveals Tierra's in the building… Least shocking moment of the season so far? Uh, ya…. 

– DEAR LORD…. here are her actual words when asked about coming on the show and it being difficult for her or the other women: "I light up a room and it's difficult for others to handle that." AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I feel like Sean should've had this running through his head all season long:

– Tierra's naturally raising eyebrow never really bothered me until tonight… Call me shallow, but that is one thing I couldn't stare at without this running through my head: 

and then dismissing her, because I literally couldn't look her in the eyes without laughing… That and she's a raging B-I-T-C-H.

– Tierra says she felt ganged up upon & all the girls talked about each other behind their backs…. Um, hi… have you met a room full of woman looking for the love of one dude? What did you expect? 

– Tierra's asked if there is anything she'd like to apologize for anything and….. NOPE – anything that was said bad was "unintentional" and I never said anything bad about a girl in the house. 

– Clearly this girl thinks very highly of herself… Apparently every conversation in the house was about her…. Cue up some "Your so vain" if you will.

– Tierra tries to go after AshLee and play the victim about their confrontation in St. Croix all at the same time. Seriously, this is some amazing stuff – the gaul of the girl is unreal – How Sean ever saw anything in 

– Oh… We get an apology… sort of…. Tierra apologizes for how others reacted to her & how she handled the show as a whole… Good grief.

– Tierra is an engaged woman – all in like around a month or so after leaving the show…. Ya, her heart was really in this one!! FAKE ASS woman. With that the nearly 40 minute segment that was Tierra is over.

Back to regularly scheduled programing:

– It's Sarah's turn in the hot seat. Honestly this was the 2nd most shocking of the exits this season for me. Just a great person & a great story…. too bad Sean wasn't her happy ending. So, what did she have to say? Apparently she thought he had all the potential to be "the one." 

– Sarah is perhaps one of the most hurt girls on the show because she keeps being told "You're great, but not good enough for me," by guys. She has a lot of self-confidence, but clearly this isn't happening for her. She is a lesson in learning and growing through adversity. Awesome story & I hope she's the next The Bachelorette or at least finds love quickly. 

– Desiree up next… Did her brother's moronic behavior cost her her chance? That's the million dollar question for Desiree and the answer? She says he was trying to be protective, but he regrets how he came off on TV & that she values his opinion it wouldn't sway her one way or the other. She also admits it didn't help the situation.

– Hell hath no furry like an AshLee scorned…. So gentlemen out there be warned – don't piss her off or lead her towards love and not end up with a ring on her finger – she'll go crazy on your ass in a hot second. Yikes…. Apparently Sean is just some "frat boy" that told her all sorts of lies. Ahh, the typical control freak, freaks out when things don't their way. Gotta love it!

– Sean faces the ladies here, this should be interesting – especially from AshLee. He says that the laughter was missing from their relationship & it killed him. She says she felt dishonored by making her go through the Rose Ceremony. Then she hits him with the "You said I absolutely don't have any feelings for those other women" blast – but she doesn't hold any resentment or anything…. Ya right.

– The bloopers segment airs and DAMN there was some good stuff, including Chris & Sean having a "serious discussion" by the fire w/ Sean shirtless. Glad he's at least able to laugh and poke fun at himself. 

Next Week: It's time for either Catherine or Lindsay to be "the one" for Sean, but will it all go as planned for him? Sure doesn't look like it from the previews… Well done ABC, well done!

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