Florida State, Boise State agree to future home-and-home series

Now this is a bit of refreshing news for college football fans as we enter the completely silly season – Florida State and Boise State have agreed to play a home-and-home series against each other. Isn't that all nice and sweet? Problem is that series may never actually happen in the first place. 

Why? Well, it's not scheduled to take place until the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Call me a skeptic or a cynic, but history has shown these types of agreements last about as long as a Kim Kardashian wedding. 

However, should the series go off this could be one juicy matchup for fans in some 7 and 8 years. 

No doubt about it, things could change and FSU or Boise State could be irrelevant (highly unlikely on FSU's part, somewhat likely on BSU's part), or these two could be perennial Top 10 contenders and the world of college football would be better off for having this matchup happen. 

In the here and now though, this is a genius move for both schools. Boise State has scheduled another tough opponent in a non-conference game. Even better for them is that they got a non-Pacific Northwest school to commit to coming to the famed and dreaded Blue Turf. 

For the Seminoles it's a win for them in terms of marketing. One, they can sell their fans on seeing a potentially good matchup at home in the future and they can say to the rest of the college football word "See, we ain't scared," or something of that veign. 

So, from that perspective both schools come away as winners in the here and now and potentially as winners in the future as well. If this series actually happens and these teams are as good seven years from now as they are today we could all be in for a big time treat and we could be looking at this as much more than a marketing ploy in the here and now.

Andrew Coppens

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