Ohio State players react to Alabama loss

That was the reaction of the Ohio State players after they found out Auburn had shocked Alabama. 

Rivalry week in college football is always fun and unpredictable and this week was no different. To start the day, the Ohio State Buckeyes and their rival to the North, Michigan, went toe-to-toe in a game that was decided by one point. The Buckeyes were one two-point conversion from being taken out of the National Championship picture. But, their defense stood up to the test and kept their dreams alive.

Still, with their weaker schedule, the Buckeyes needed someone ahead of them to lose. FSU picked off Florida fairly easily so that left the Iron Bowl. Auburn shocked Alabama by returning a missed FG over 100 yards as time expired to win in jaw-dropping fashion. 

As the celebration video shows, this opens the door for Ohio State and gives them a renewed hope and energy. In the latest BCS standings, Ohio State sat third behind Alabama and FSU. The big question now is can Ohio State hold off a rising Auburn or Missouri if they win out to finish the season? The next BCS standings should give us an idea of how that will play out.

A question nobody is asking is can Ohio State beat Michigan State? Michigan State is a rough and tumble football team that has quietly amassed an 11-1 record and has gone undefeated in Big Ten play. The Spartans await the Buckeyes on December 7th in the Big Ten Championship Game. Urban Meyer has been in this situation before and he will have the Buckeyes ready to play but will it be enough against Pat Narduzzi's defense? The door is now wide open for the Buckeyes, but they must first take care of their business with the Spartans.

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