Bloguin around college football (6/9)

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to take a look around the Bloguin family of sites and see what they are talking about…..

It’s tough when you are part of the fanbase of team that is stuck in losersville and the future is not looking bright. Boiled Sports and the Purdue fanbase is stuck in a malaise about the status of their football program [story link].

What are the five unbreakable LSU football records? Saturday Night Slant has you covered [story link].

Noled Out talks about a player on the FSU roster that is “quietly” becoming legendary [site link].

Oregon has a lot of offensive production to replace this season and the next step for the Ducks is summer workouts [story link].

Madtown Badgers is running through the Wisconsin roster for the upcoming season and the latest player just happens to be JJ Watt’s kid brother [story link].

Belly of the Beast puts a comedic twist to Stephen Rivers transferring from LSU to Vandy [story link].

The Big Blue Digest focuses on Javess Blue, a potential impact player for the Kentucky Wildcats this season [story link].

Bearcats Blog looks at some odds and ends including Gunner Kiel and pre-season rankings [story link].

College Football Zealots tackles “explosiveness” in the SEC [story link].

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