How to make money writing?

Many people have an incredible ability to write and seem to be born to be writers. However, because this task is still seen as an art, there are those who say that they do not live by it because they do not know how to earn money by writing. Of course, knowing how to put ideas on paper clearly and consistently is not something that everyone does. But did you know that it is possible to develop this skill and even live on it?

If you are already a great copywriter or if you want to start a new profession and still don’t know where to start, this post is for you.

Today, we’ll show you how to make money writing and, in the end, we’ll give you some tips to help you work in that area.

  1. FreelancerEven if you still don’t work on the internet, for sure, you’ve heard about freelancers. They are professionals who act independently offering their services to other people or even companies autonomously.But how to make money writing as a freelancer?

    You can offer your writing service to digital entrepreneurs who have a blog, but don’t have time to write on this communication channel. Another option is to write sales texts for anyone who sells a product online. Or you can even help an expert on a topic to write an ebook on the subject he has mastered. There is always someone or some company that, sooner or later, needs a very well written text.

  2. Blog writerContent marketing has been increasingly explored by entrepreneurs from different areas, whether online or offline.This is because this form of disclosure makes customers reach the products in a natural way. That is, the company no longer needs to bombard people with advertisements that, in most cases, are considered even invasive.

    Companies can instead focus on sharing information about the products and services themselves. For example, maybe you’re looking for a car accident attorney, but you don’t want to see more ads. A blog writer may present more information and details about the services, which can lead you naturally to the product you actually want.

    There are many ways to put together a content marketing strategy, and creating a blog with interesting texts for customers is one of the most common ways to start implementing this type of advertising in a business. That is why blog writers are increasingly sought after.

    Be it autonomous, as we showed in the previous topic, or even as a company contractor, you can make money by writing a blog for other people. In addition, if you have specific knowledge and want to share it with others, you can also work on writing your own blog. And how to make money by writing your own blog?

  3. ebook writerStill thinking about the writing profession, it is possible to make money writing ebooks. The big problem for most people who think about writing books online is that they don’t always have ideas for their content. If that is your case, what you can do is look for people who are experts in their fields, but who do not have the skills to write, and can offer to develop their theme in an ebook. Again, you can use freelance platforms to find that kind of work.Now, if you want to be the author of your own content, you can create an ebook that teaches techniques for writing better, for example. Thus, you can make your electronic book available on a platform of digital products and earn money from your knowledge.
  4.  CopywriterCopywriter is one of the professions of the future that draws a lot of attention from those who write well and want to make money from it. Basically, the copywriter is the person who creates texts to generate sales, as in the case of ads, landing pages, product promotion videos and more.However, more than writing, this professional also needs to know how to persuade with his texts. After all, copy is a type of text that aims to convince a person to make a purchase.

5. Social media manager

Many people believe that to be a manager of social networks you only need to know these communication channels. Of course, this is fundamental, after all, how can you manage a network that you don’t know?

But, in addition to a knowledge of social media, the good manager must also know how to write well. This is because, more than just publishing content on these networks, the manager is the one who uses words to captivate and draw the attention of the people who interact through those communication channels.