Crystal Ball Run Mailbag: Duke’s playoff dreams, MACtion and Battletoads

Welcome to another edition of the Crystal Ball Run mailbag. You submitted your questions and now it is time for me to answer them for you. Here we go.

Not at all, honestly, but that is because Duke was never going to be sniffing the playoff next season. Connette is transferring to Fresno State, which he made official on Twitter on Thursday, to be closer to his family as his mother battles brain cancer. He has one final year of eligibility and will be eligible to play for Fresno State right away in 214 because he will be a graduate transfer from Duke. While he competes for a starting job out west, Duke will look to be in pretty good shape with Anthony Boone back to lead the offense at quarterback. Connette had an impact running the football for the Blue Devils, and his presence will not be all that easy to replace, but his departure will not be enough of a difference on Duke’s end result this season.

I am already predicting a step back for Duke this fall, largely due to some expectations I have for some other programs, but there is only one ACC team that will be a legitimate playoff contender in 2014-15, and they play in Tallahassee.

He will most certainly be a key player for the Falcons, but Bowling Green returns 15 starters in total and look as though they could be the most complete team in the conference in 2014. Johnson will have a talented running back in Travis Greene lining up in the backfield as well and Bowling Green has a favorable schedule to work with. Even a road game at Wisconsin may not be overwhelming for this program. Right now, I would consider Bowling green the team to beat in the MAC, especially with Jordan Lynch moving on from Northern Illinois (and Bowling Green beat them).

I never owned Battletoads, but my best friend down the street did. We played this game for hours when it was out, and to this day I have never made it past that level. You know which one I’m talking about…


If I invested more time in this game, I am confident my skills would have allowed me to eventually get past this level and beyond. There are some people out there who have mastered this level, and a few more who have certainly finished the game. I do not know any of them, but they are out there.

On a related topic…


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