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Michigan student attendance dropping. Blame the schedule?

The University of Michigan is expecting to once again see crowds of over 100,000 attend each game in Michigan Stadium this fall, but that number will apparently see a smaller portion of students coming to games. “We’re projecting that number to be somewhere between 13 or 14,000 for student ticket numbers this year,” Michigan associate […]

Explaining the new Big 12 tiebreakers

The Big 12 still does not have a desire or a need to play a conference championship game, but the conference is adjusting how it will determine a tiebreaker in the new College Football Playoff Era. The change is minor though and will likely go unnoticed by casual fans. The College Football Playoff poll, which […]

100 Days until Kickoff: Entering the Great Unknown

There are now 100 days until college football kicks off for another season of football. I made a mistake in counting by missing a game between Georgia State and Abilene Christian on Wednesday, August 27. I know, how could I have missed that one, right? There will be a number of changes in college football […]

NC State’s “Pack in Black” helmet commits multiple violations

North Carolina State has managed to commit multiple uniform fouls with their new “Pack in Black” helmet, and thus should be punished appropriately. The number of fouls committed in one design is astounding. First, here is a look at the guilty party… And now a list of the violations… 1. Alternate black. NC State may […]

Is it time to extend the college football season to 14 games?

Nearly a decade has passed since the last time the NCAA adjusted the length of the college football season. It may be time to start considering it as an option once more. While conferences and fans are bickering over whether or not conferences should be playing eight or nine conference games per year, it seems […]

Big Ten and ACC are at head of the class in APR

The NCAA released the latest APR scores for Division 1 schools yesterday, so naturally it is time to determine which conference reigns supreme when it comes to hitting the books and making the grade. The Big Ten leads the way, with the ACC in pursuit. The SEC comes in third with the Pac-12 not far […]

Who cares if conferences play 8 or 9 games? Just win, baby!

The late Al Davis was quite the visionary in the world of football. Although his management of the Oakland Raiders would come into question over time, there was one simple philosophy he lived by that is as timeless as any. Just win, baby. The ACC will stay put with an eight-game conference schedule in the […]

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NFL Draft: Louisville’s big night should ease some concerns at Texas

If there was any concern over the hiring of Charlie Strong at Texas, perhaps Thursday night should serve as a reminder to Longhorns fans that this Charlie Strong guy knows a thing or two about developing talent. Hey Texas fans doubting the hire of Charlie Strong: Louisville just sent three players to the first round […]

Ideal conference championship sites for each conference

The Pac-12 is reportedly considering moving its conference championship game to a neutral field, ditching the hard-fought home-field advantage method once a new stadium for the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers is completed. San Francisco makes financial sense for the Pac-12 and it is about as centrally located as you can get, but is the Bay Area […]