History of online slots: Milestones that affected the industry

While you’re sat comfy in your favourite corner of your sofa, unwinding and relaxing whilst playing at Star Slots, have you ever wondered about what made it all possible? Maybe you haven’t given it much thought because you’re far too engrossed in the fun of the game and the anticipation of your next big win! But just like the rest of the casino industry, online slots has a rich history and slots as we know and love them today have come a long way. Here is a brief glimpse into the history of online slots and some of the key milestones that had the biggest effects on the industry.

Electromechanical slots

After electricity became a normal part of everyday life following the Second World War, electricity was soon harnessed for people’s entertainment and the invention of the electromechanical slots machine took the casino industry by storm in the 1960s. Following this, advancements in technology soared at a pace never seen before and the first video slot game meant the industry was thriving at a whole new level. It was an overnight success and primed the casino industry for what was to shortly come at the turn of the 20th century.

The wonders of the internet

It didn’t take long for the internet to become part of our everyday lives and as you will well know if you love playing casino games online, it had a huge impact on the casino industry. Players could now instantly access all their favourite casino games, including slots along with casino classics such as Blackjack and Poker.

The industry took full advantage of the internet and its ability to offer players entertainment without having to leave their own homes and has never looked back. Neither did players who welcome online casinos with open arms with players being thrilled that they had the convenience of enjoying casino classics in their own homes as well as the ability to discover new and exciting slots. Players also welcomed the bigger jackpots that the internet made possible as they were significantly higher than their local brick and mortar casinos jackpots.

A casino in your pocket

As with many aspects of our lives, the invention of smartphones completely transformed gambling and online slots. Players could now connect to the internet remotely from wherever they were and with the developments of better internet connections, there were fewer and fewer barriers to accessing online casinos at the touch of a button. The development of casino and slot apps rapidly followed and swiftly became popular as players no longer needed to go on their internet browser to access their favourite casino games, they could simply download an app and play games as smoothly as they did on their desktop with perfectly rendered graphics.

In 2020 it feels like the sky is the limit for technology and because the casino and slot industry are so intertwined with technological advancements, it is an extremely exciting time for slot lovers! Who knows what the next century will bring for online slots?!