The AP Party Podcast: Episode 3 – Jason Nash & Matt Yoder


This week, Comedian/Writer/Director Jason Nash (@jason23nash) and "Awful Announcing" managing editor Matt Yoder (@myoder84) join Ben Heisler on Episode 3 of "The AP Party" podcast. 

In Part 1: Jason chats with Ben about his start in comedy, his new movie, "Jason Nash is Married" which will premiere in 2014, the fun of collaborating with lots of great comedians on many different projects, and how he once had to roast a group of teenagers for a Sweet 16 gig.

In Part 2 (36:03), Ben talks with Matt of Awful Announcing about one particular sports broadcaster he once loathed who now he's grown to appreciate, how FOX Sports 1 has stacked up after a month of being on the air, the #MattHarveyQualcommFail interview on the Dan Patrick Show, and the final season of Breaking Bad on AMC.
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