Video: Cookie Monster has some story ideas for John Oliver

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight has been on a two-week hiatus from HBO because of the Labor Day holiday. So perhaps you’re getting the shakes, waiting for some new content from our favorite weekly fake newscaster.

If you are indeed experiencing some withdrawal, Oliver has an online-exclusive fix — with Cookie Monster sitting in as his co-anchor.

Damn, I hope Oliver and Cookie Monster follow through on that oatmeal cookie story suggestion, because it’s a compelling question. Is there anyone among us who hasn’t justified eating an oatmeal cookie for breakfast because it’s maybe sort of healthy? I’m hitting the table with my hand (amazingly, while typing) to emphasize that point.

Besides providing some fresh content while Last Week Tonight is on a break, the true point of this venture was to promote a special report on words with Oliver and Cookie Monster, brought to you by Sesame Street and Mashable. Helping out (literally) are guest stars Kate McKinnon, Al Roker and Nick Offerman.

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