Logan Morrison is Twitter Stalking C.J. Wilson

If C.J. Wilson doesn’t with Miami Marlins, it certainly won’t be because Marlins outfielder and Twitter aficionado didn’t do everything he could.  In fact, it could be because Logan Morrison did a little too much.

With news breaking that the Marlins had given up their pursuit of Albert Pujols and turned their full attention to adding C.J. Wilson to a starting rotation that had just brought in Mark Buehrle, Morrison took to Twitter to give Wilson, another avid Twitter user, his best sales pitch.  Or he declared his undying manlove for him… it isn’t totally clear.  Here’s his tweet, decide for yourself.

I want to sing u a song. I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it and I know, i know, I know I want u I want u 5 hours ago

Well, I guess it isn’t manlove according to the hashtag, but still, it is kind of creepy (as a side not, #nohomojustlomo should be the Marlins 2012 marketing slogan).  But that was only just the beginning.  LoMo saw someone else, in this case Torii Hunter, moving in on the object of his desire and reacted like a jealous lover.

  Hows the CA state income tax Torii? RT come on home 2 the OC. U would luv it & fans will luv u 2. Alot of fun. 1 hour ago

Oh snap!  Hunter just got served tax code style.  Hold on though, Morrison still isn’t done.

  Its 72 every day in our new domed stadium! RT : But what abt the perfect weather all yr round Lomo 1 hour ago

That’s an awfully risky tweet by Logan.  Playing the weather card in a Miami versus SoCal battle isn’t likely to work out in the Marlins favor.  Nor is the domed stadium assertion, after all, this is C.J. Wilson we are talking about.  He’s been known to be a bit of a hipster and domes are just so trendy right now that he can’t possibly be a big fan. In fact, Wilson all but said so in his first and only response to this social media love notes.

Jeez keep your pants on RT : Its 72 every day in our new domed stadium! RT : … 1 hour ago

Perhaps sensing that he might have been smothering Wilson with his early messages, Morrison then turned to a more subtle strategy.

Fun Fact: All-Star Jared Weaver wears jersey #36 in Anaheim. Which sucks for any free agent who also wears 36, if he were to sign there… 31 minutes ago

Well played, LoMo.  But I think he missed a golden opportunity to reference the Daytona 500’s proximity to Miami.  Wilson is a huge racing fan, after all.  Instead, Morrison decided to go the other way and challenged Wilson’s manhood and movie knowledge.

Hurricanes didn’t phase Lieutenant Dan… 23 minutes ago

Really, a Forrest Gump reference?  He couldn’t come up with anything more current?  I mean, no offense to LoMo, but if that is the best line he can give to lure a free agent to a team that is already offering him mountains of cash, I can’t imagine his game with the ladies is very good.  Then again, Wilson still hasn’t made a decision, so maybe it did give C.J. something to think about.  I guess we will see soon enough since Wilson is rumored to finally be near making his choice.

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