Diamondbacks move Collmenter to bullpen, promote Corbin

The Arizona Diamondbacks made a long-anticipated move by sending starter Josh Collmenter to the bullpen. However, instead of replacing him with top prospects Trevor Bauer or Tyler Skaggs, they went with the third best starter down in AA Mobile: Pat Corbin.

Earlier this week, I talked about the possibility of Arizona shifting Collmenter out of the rotation and replacing him with Bauer. With Collmenter due to start next on Monday, Arizona opted not to let him get that far, and are instead going with Corbin in Collmenter’s slot.

While there is some initial confusion as to why Corbin got the call instead of Bauer or Skaggs, it doesn’t appear to be a performance issue, and instead, a timing issue. Corbin’s last start was on Tuesday the 24th, which was also Collmenter’s last start. Bauer’s last start was on Thursday, while Skaggs had his last start on Wednesday. If Arizona really wanted to give Bauer the call, however, they could have. The team had an offday on Thursday, and could have simply moved Trevor Cahill’s start up to Monday. Cahill last started on Wednesday, and would have been on regular rest on Monday. The team is instead opting to keep their rotation in order, and is going with Corbin out of convenience, or so it seems.

Despite Arizona going with Corbin as opposed to the more highly touted Bauer or Skaggs, that’s not to say that Corbin is somehow an awful choice. This offseason, TOC ranked Corbin as a “good” prospect, with a ceiling of a third or fourth starter. He started the year in AA (where he spent all of last year), and was excelling. In 27 innings, Corbin had a 1.67 ERA, eight walks and 25 strikeouts. He also hadn’t allowed a homer in any of his four starts. At 22 years-old, and now on his fourth year of professional experience, Corbin is the oldest of the three hallowed Diamondbacks prospects, and has had as much experience as Skaggs.

The team calling up Corbin right now isn’t really a bad move…it’s just maybe not the one that everyone was expecting. I’d assume Bauer and maybe Skaggs to join Corbin in the majors sooner rather than later.

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