Hiroyuki Nakajima thinks Billy Beane is sexy and cool

In his introductory press conference with the Oakland media on Tuesday, new A's shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima was asked about his reasons for signing with the A's. Through an interpreter, Nakajima said that Oakland GM Billy Beane was "extremely sexy and cool" with a huge smile on his face before talking about the chemistry of the young A's and how well he thinks he'll fit in with his new club.

Nakajima wasn't done there though, After receiving a question about what he thinks the biggest challenge he'll face coming to America is, Nakajima's response was "there's not many bathtubs in America".

A's fans should potentially be concerned about Nakajima potentially not having a good transition from the NPB to MLB based strictly on his on-field performance, but based on his introductory press conference, Nakajima will fit in extremely well with a very charismatic and eccentric bunch of Oakland players.

Joe Lucia

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