MLB Watchability Rankings – 5/10/13

1 +1

@ SF

Justin Upton returns to Arizona! Now this we gotta see.
2 1 vs. TOR
@ TB
Buchholz gets to take on the Jays again. Will he bring his sunscreen?
3 — 0 @ HOU
Yu Darvish vs. the Astros 2: Revenge of the Almost Perfect Game
4 +1 vs. CHC
@. LAD
Guess who is finally playing like the World Series favorite everyone predicted?
5 -1 vs. CLE
vs. HOU
Have we mentioned yet how much we love the non-Porcello parts of this rotation?
6 +1 vs. COL
vs. NYM
Looks like they figured out those bullpen problems.
7 +3 vs. PHI
vs. ATL
Hosting Upton for the first time is certainly interesting, so long as you feel you can stomach Heath Bell closing again.
8 2 @ SEA
vs. TEX
They remain an exciting club, but the recent rash of injuries has dampened that somewhat.
9 +2 vs. NYY
Don't look now but Hosmer and Moustakas are showing signs of life. Actually do look, that makes the Royals much more interesting.
10 +4 @ KC
vs. SEA
Now that we know there is a chance of seeing Vernon Wells play third base, the Yankees are a whole lot more intriguing.
11 -3 vs. MIL
Dusty Baker's machinations are the bane of the Watchability Rankings.
12 +1 @ CIN
We want to watch Carlos Gomez now that he is becoming such a monster, but oh that pitching staff.
13 +3 @ NYM
vs. MIL
Releasing Jonathan Sanchez is such an easy way to earn a boost in the Watchability Rankings it almost feels like cheating.
14 -5 vs. STL
This rotation used to be a daily treat. My how the mighty have fallen.
15 +2 vs. SD
vs. BOS
Grab some popcorn and see how long this "Maddon getting ejected every game" thing lasts.
16 -4 @ MIN
vs. SD
The Oriole magic lives on, but it would take some serious wizardy to make a week of them playing the Twins and Padres interesting.
17 +5 @ DET
The Indians are playing some great baseball right now, but we can only bump them up so much because the more the Tribe wins, the more Nick Swisher douchebaggery we are subjected to.
18 -3 @ STL
vs. CHC
The Rox are trolling us, having Dexter Fowler lay down sac bunts, demoting a pitcher after turning in six shutout innings and Tulo constantly dealing with nagging injuries.
19 +4 vs. MIA
vs. WAS
Bonus points since Matt Kemp is apparently the best human ever.
20 +1 vs. PIT
Enough poking fun at the rest of the lousy Met roster, let's just shut up and enjoy the hell out Matt Harvey.
21 +3 @ TB
They are showing some real life of late plus Nick Hundley might've just become a folk hero for the anti-PED user crowd.
22 -3 vs. OAK
This team isn't that bad, but every game of theirs feels like a struggle.
23 +3 vs. BAL
vs. CWS
Oswaldo Arcia, you have our attention.
24 -6 @ ARI
vs. CLE
What's up, Doc? Nothing. Nothing at all.
25 -5 @ BOS
vs. SF
Not only was the J.A. Happ incident scary to watch, but now the rotation loses yet another arm and the ones they haven't lost have been very disappointing.
26 -1 @ CWS
vs. KC
The only reason to watch the Angels anymore is to see if they've fired Mike Scioscia yet.
27 — 0 vs. LAA
The Pale Hose facing the Halos and Twinkies means a week worth of games chock full of frustratingly inept offense.
28 — 0 vs. TEX
Tune in this week to see which basic rule of baseball manager Bo Porter will Jedi mind trick the umpiring crew into forgetting next.
29 — 0 @ WAS
vs. COL
Nothing says, "hey maybe I should just watch whatever is on my DVR" more than "the Cubs officially name Kevin Gregg their closer."
30 — 0

vs. CIN

No. Just no.
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