Pick of the week: Bills (+2.5) vs. Jets

Week one means it is time for the first pick of the week. The season opener did not exactly go how many people planned, so lets hope that everyone out there with some action on the game will be able to make it back up on Sunday.

Full slate of games to start the day, but we will take a look at the Bills heading to face the Jets for an early season AFC East clash that could tell as much much about the team from upstate as the team that plays in Jersey.

The Bills got out to a surprisingly hot start to the season last year, but Fitz struggled through injuries in the second half of the season and after Fred Jackson went down, it was hard for them to rebound.

But they look like a new team, with a staunch defence that is salivating at the thought of Sanchez throwing up ducks into the secondary. Mario Williams is the big new name on the edge, but sophomore Marcell Dareus is only getting better and the other new face on the line, Mark Anderson, looks like he is ready to go after battling injuries in camp.

They spent their first round pick to try to create their own island. Stephon Gilmore has the tools to become a shutdown corner, and if he can make an impact in the way the McKelvin never could, teams will be hard pressed to hurt them down the field.

But will they score points? Fred Jackson needs to stay healthy, that much is a given. If that can happen, CJ Spiller is a great change of pace. Stevie Johnson has asserted himself as a legit go-to option and David Nelson is waiting to break out opposite him.

The key to the Bills success is keeping Fitz upright. If he is given time to get the ball down the field, then he could become an above average pivot in a pass-heavy league. The team addressed his protection in the second round when they picked up versatile linemen Cordy Glenn. He can play either guard or tackle, but won the starting left tackle job out of camp. Quite the achievement for the youngster.

If he can put in a season like Tyron Smith did on the right side for the Cowboys last year, the Bills and Fitz will be just fine this year.

Can these guys travel to the Meadowlands and take the season opener from the Jets? How New York is getting any points here points towards big city bias, home field advantage and pure insanity if you ask me.

The Jets are little more than a sideshow this year, with corners playing wideout, rookie wideouts getting bashed by their coach, and this Tebow guy.

If Sanchez throws an early pick or two against the Bills, it will bring upon the TEBOW chants on cue. Hilarity will clearly ensue, and this game could get out of hands in a hurry. The Jets have a solid defence, but with their complete lack of an attack, it won't take much for the Bills to get ahead early.

If you were to show a graph of the momentum that the two teams have, they would have crossed sometime in the offseason right around the Tebow trade and Williams signing. Buffalo is on the up-and-up, while New York continues to provide little in the way of substance on the field and endless tabloid fodder off the gridiron.

Bills are even getting a couple of points of protection, so take them and run.