NFL Week Nine Preview: Fred Jackson And Buffalo Bills Will Fly Higher Than New York Jets

Sunday, 1:00 P.M. ET, CBS, Direct TC (704), Sirius (NYJ 92, Buf 112)

Why Watch
The Bills have not been so dominant in the AFC East since the 1991 13-3 Super Bowl team.  That Bills team scored more points than any AFC team and allowed fewer points than three of its four division rivals. The Bills v2011 are on a pace to beat their ’91 output and they have allowed fewer points than their division rivals. They hold the tie-breaker advantage over the Patriots. Now comes their old nemesis, the New York J-e-t-s Jets, Jets, Jets in this most magic of seasons.

What To Watch
Darrelle Revis is the finest cornerback in the NFL and he plays on a fierce eighth-ranked defense. He may have nothing to do this weekend because the Bills will surely point RB Fred Jackson at the Jets’ 25th-ranked run defense. The Bills defense does not rank so high. Pay more attention to their 19 turnovers, three returned for touchdowns, than to last Sundays nine sacks against the hapless Redskins. The Jets must throw the ball to win this game. That plays into the strength of the opportunistic Bills.

Who Will Win
Keep your dream teams and such. The blue-collar Bills will settle for a dream season. Buffalo may not win more than 11 games, but their losses are more likely to be away games. They are unbeaten at home, whether in Buffalo or Toronto.  The Jets are 0-3 on the road. Way to go, Buffalo.

Shane Clemons

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