Morning Huddle – all about decision making

This is my suggestion for how the Lions can punish players that get arrested.

In a recent online chat at, Justin Durant of the Detroit Lions expressed disappointment with teammates’ offseason decision making in regards to the Lions’ 6 arrests. While it may seem obvious, leaders within the Lions’ locker room need to step up in these situations, and hold themselves and other players accountable. I’m not sure how much of a leader Durant is for the Lions, but he should be one player the Lions don’t have to worry about, and that’s a start.

Sean Payton is getting divorced. The news hit yesterday, and at this point, I can’t help but feel sympathy for the guy. His year has been nothing short of terrible. First he gets suspended for the entire 2012 season, and now his personal life is crumbling to. This is a case of life kicking a guy while he’s down. Hopefully things head in the right direction for Payton after this ordeal.

The new NFL blackout policy allows teams to lower the threshold of ticket sales required to lift a blackout, but not all teams are planning on taking advantage of the policy. The Chargers have no intentions of doing so because the policy is not flexible. The team must set its threshold at the beginning of the season and can’t adjust it for big games or lackluster opponents. In short, blackouts will likely be back in San Diego in 2012.

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