Roger Goodell takes a picture next to a fan wearing a “Free Sean Payton” shirt

Irony plays no small part in the picture above, and if you're like me, you're asking yourself how Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, found himself in focus for this shot.

The fan who's picture was fetched by the great folks at Deadspin, posted his own explanation of how the picture came to be on the Saints' forums,

The picture. During the event, I wore my white Deuce 26 jersey. Underneath I had a black "FREE SEAN PAYTON" T shirt on. I didn't want to risk any reactions to the shirt before or during the broadcast (there was NFL security EVERYWHERE). So, after the broadcast, I removed the jersey and put it in my bag. They gave us each footballs that Goodell signed for us. I held my football over the FSP part of the shirt until I got right next to Goodell. We made chit chat for a minute then posed for the picture. At that time I lowered the football to my waist to fully expose the FREE SEAN PAYTON message on the shirt. They took two pictures of us together like that. I'm due to get it in 3-4 weeks, I'm not convinced it will show up.

Now that's how you get a priceless picture of the most powerful man in the NFL.

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