Tim Tebow training with MMA royalty

If you’d like to read the title of this article one more time, I completely understand. Tim Tebow is getting the martial arts training he’s always needed to compete successfully in the NFL.

If you sense a little bit of sarcasm in the tone of that opening, you’re right on track with what I’m trying to say. There’s a serious level of irony in TMZ’s report that Tim Tebow is training with the Gracie family. For those of you, like me, that aren’t familiar with the Gracies, they were instrumental in building the UFC into what it is today.

Considering Tim Tebow may be the most likeable human being on the planet, I doubt he’ll use his new found martial arts skills on another person in the near future, but I’m sure the training will benefit him physically. It’s not as if he’s the first NFL athlete to use MMA as a way to get ready to play football, but he may be the only one I can’t imagine using those skills in a real fight.

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