AFC North: July stock watch

Cincinnati Bengals, FLAT: The Bengals, like the Steelers, have all the appearances of a well-rounded football team. The only difference is that Cincinnati is also better rounded when it comes to age. If Andy Dalton makes the leap from "solid" to joining quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco in the second tier, the Bengals could surprise a lot of people with a very deep playoff run.

Pittsburgh Steelers, SLIGHTLY UP: The Steelers have a strong set of emerging running backs, a solid group of receivers and a quarterback that knows how to win games in the playoffs. Their defense continues to be one of the best in the league, although with so many aging veterans, a drop off may be coming sooner rather than later. Still, the Steelers are a well-rounded team, and there's still no reason to believe 2012 was anything other than a fluke.

Baltimore Ravens, SLIGHTLY DOWN: Of all recent Super Bowl winners, the Ravens strike me as having less chance at repeating than other teams such as the Giants, Packers or Saints. Too many important players left, and while the Ravens' replacements aren't bad, the team isn't up to par for a defending champion. Their only hope is that Joe Flacco plays like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in 2013.

Cleveland Browns, STILL ROCK BOTTOM: The Browns still aren't sure if the man owning the team will run into serious, personal legal issues. The team is horrible with a questionable, and aging, second year quarterback. The Browns don't have playmakers on offense, and it's hard to imagine their defense holding opposing teams to a low enough points total to keep many games close. It's going to be a long season in Cleveland.

Shane Clemons

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