Could Super Bowl XLVII be a snoozer? Not likely.

It's something that no one really wants to consider during Super Bowl week, but there's a strong possibility that this could be a very forgettable Super Bowl. What would it take for that scenario to become reality? Well I'm glad you asked.

The first thing that is an absolute must for a Super Bowl to become truly forgettable is there needs to be a sizable margin of victory. Furthermore, the game needs to be decided relatively early on. The most recent true example of this was a decade ago in 2003 when the Raiders were ran off the field by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sure, we remember that the Buccaneers and Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl, but it's a game lost during the rise of the New England Patriots' dynasty.

Another factor in Super Bowl anonymity is whether or not the teams involved hang around over the next few years. Sure, these two teams will be in the playoffs over the next few years, but will they reach the big game or at least a conference title game? It's too early to tell, but both teams have the potential to fade. That's exactly what happened to the Raiders and the Buccaneers a decade ago, and it's not out of the question in regard to these two teams.

Despite the possibility for a forgettable event this Sunday, Super Bowl 47 may have one saving grace, and that is the simple fact that brothers are opposing head coaches. Even with a blowout and subsequent regression from the two teams involved, we'll almost certainly remember the battle of the Harbaugh brothers in the first ever "Har-bowl" (I couldn't resist). Is there a possibility Sunday night's game will be a snoozer? Yeah, that's always a possibility, but I wouldn't worry about that chance too much. It looks like it's far more likely we're in for a great game to round out the season.

Shane Clemons

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