No reason to doubt this year’s Bears squad

We’ve seen this from the Chicago Bears before. The team jumps out to a fast start to open up a year, and they slowly get off pace. Then, by the end of the year, they’re fighting for a wildcard position. Why should this year be any different?

To start with, Jay Cutler is a true franchise quarterback, and for the first time since leaving Denver, he’ll actually be working with an offense that can maximize his talent. Instead of simply being asked not to mess a game up too badly, he’s finally being asked to make plays. It’s a chance that may result in a positive shift for the Bears.

In addition, the Bears play a tough, but not brutal, schedule. This should allow them to win enough games to make it to the post season while staying sharp amidst a tough schedule. While that toughness doesn’t exactly simplify the Bears’ postseason aspirations, it should allow the team to be better prepared for the tournament once they actually arrive.

But there’s no better reason to believe in the Chicago Bears than head coach Marc Trestman. The fact is that regimes simply get stale in the NFL over time. We saw it with Andy Reid in Philadelphia, and we saw it in Chicago with Lovie Smith.

With Trestman calling the shots, the Bears look to transition from an identity of pure defense to one of balance. The offense should be able to function at a higher level with an offense better suited for aggressive play, and the defense should be able to benefit from playing with a lead more often.

The Bears are one of a number of competitive teams to make a change at the head coach position. While such a strategy can certainly backfire, early returns are great for the Bears, and at this point, there’s no indications that the Bears are the same ole “yeah but” team we’ve grown so used to. There’s still plenty of room for the team to grow, but at 2-0, they’re off to a perfect start.

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