Von Miller may not have tested positive for drugs according to report

Broncos linebacker Von Miller, currently facing a four-game suspension to kick off the 2013 season, continues to maintain his innocence in the matter. The suspension was originally believed to be due to violating the league’s drug policy, but Miller has insisted that he does not use drugs.

Reports are coming in from all angles, but at least one source backs Miller’s story up per Lindsay Jones of the USA Today.

“He didn’t test positive for anything,” the source told Jones.

Currently, Miller’s case is in the league’s appeals process, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the appeal date will likely take place in mid-August, with a decision coming before the beginning of the regular season.

Whether Von Miller did or did not test positive for banned drugs is ultimately the issue the league will have to determine, but in the meantime, the situation as a whole is nothing but a distraction for the Broncos as they try to get ready for the season. As we get into the preseason schedule, it will continue to linger as a distraction until the case is resolved.

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