Umpire Carlos Torres made an egregious strike 3 call in Friday's game between the Rangers and Angels. Umpire Carlos Torres made an egregious strike 3 call in Friday’s game between the Rangers and Angels.

Nothing seemed to go right for the Los Angeles Angels in their 7-2 loss to the Texas Rangers on Friday. They had to compete with the Rangers as well as their own miscues. And when things seemed to be going well for the Halos, the umpires got in the way.

With the Angels trailing 2-1 in the seventh inning, Phil Gosselin came to the plate with two outs and a runner on second base. When Martín Pérez’s 3-2 pitch came in well below the strike zone, Gosselin appeared to draw a walk. Only, home plate umpire Carlos Torres didn’t see it that way and rang Gosselin up.

The diplomatic approach here is to say that Pérez’s pitch had a lot of movement — which is true. But that doesn’t exonerate Torres here.

The movement might be a valid excuse in a different situation.

For one, the call needs to be closer. This was well out of the zone.

Two, the movement needs to take the ball through the strike zone as it’s close to the plate. That didn’t happen here. The ball was already well below the plate when it crossed and it was still sinking. So, the movement makes Torres’ call worse, not more understandable.

As has been the case with the umpires this season, the MLB world was not forgiving of this miscue.

Unfortunately, with the home stretch of the season looming, we’re getting close to a point where bad calls can potentially alter postseason races and even the playoffs. So, if you think the criticism of MLB umpires and the calls for an automated strike zone have been loud to this point, imagine what will happen if these issues persist in the coming weeks.

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