Even as a Bronx native, I wish I could just leave the Mets alone and let their misery stay out of the news. But then they do things like this.

Wednesday is Noah Syndergaard bobblehead night at Citi Field with the Mets getting Marvel’s seal of approval to design a Thor-themed bobblehead, which is awesome. There’s just one problem. As Twitter user Diamondjn1 — a self-professed Yankee fan — noticed, the handle on Mjoilnir (Thor’s hammer) looks oddly phallic.

And a closer look reveals Diamondjn1 is dead on.

For reference, this is what Thor’s hammer should look like.

Maybe Mets catcher and dildo-owner-in-denial Kevin Plawecki had a hand in the design. And as we’ve seen, phallic objects can come in handy for self-defense or insulting Tom Brady.

But not everything is bad for the Mets. They’ve lost three straight games and eight of their last 11, but left fielder Yoenis Cespedes has found the solution. Blue hair!

So far, it’s working. The Mets opened up a 7-0 lead on the Cardinals after two innings, and Cespedes is 2-for-2 with two RBI. If the Mets make a second-half push starting today, you can credit Cespedes’ hair change. Or the hammer dildo. Up to you.

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