Urban Meyer hasn’t even coached in the NFL for one season and it’s been a wilder tenure than most head coaches have over three or four years.

Before the season started, there were rumors of discontent. Meyer’s viral video incident, which happened when he skipped the flight back to Florida, only seemed to build a bigger rift between the two sides. Even ownership had to publicly smack his nose. There were rumors of resigning but he put those to bed while it was presumed he’d keep his job for now. The Jags snagged a couple of victories but have since slid back into the basement of the league, leaving their coach often looking miserable as the losses piled up. Rumors ran rampant again over Notre Dame and, while he denied it, he also admitted he didn’t expect to be 2-9 this season.

It’s been presumed that Meyer is going to get at least a couple of seasons to work out the NFL and get the Jaguars back on track. However, with all of the drama and assumptions surrounding his tenure so far, it does make you wonder when the franchise will start to think the juice is no longer worth the squeeze.

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora recently discussed some NFL coaches that he thinks are on the hot seat and, to the surprise of some, he thinks Meyer is among them.

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