On Wednesday, we wrote about the hilarious racist identity for the new NCPHL team, the Lake Erie Warriors.

Naturally, once the internet catches onto something like that, there’s no way out, and not only did the team change its logo from the incredibly racist cartoon Indian, they changed their name altogether. This makes sense; although “Warriors” isn’t as overtly racist as a few other team names (Washington’s NFL team for example), but it still perpetuates the stereotype of Native Americans as a violent, fighting culture.

So, what did the team choose as its new team name? Here it is:


Gone are the Lake Erie Warriors, and here to stay are the Lake Erie Gulls. That logo is temporary, which you may have guessed.


But there is still one major problem: the team plays in Altoona, which is nowhere near Lake Erie. That hasn’t been fixed, and it’s just not right.

But the larger problem was solved, although it’s baffling that that original logo could have made it so far along. At least they realized the problem and quickly moved to make the change. That’s more than can be said for a few other professional teams.


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