The Michigan Wolverines football team may or may not be the best college football team over the next two years but we know that they’ll almost certainly be the most cultured college football team in the nation.

Fresh off their summer trip to Rome, Jim Harbaugh and the UM football team are already lining up their next European vacation. Harbaugh had such a good time meeting Italian people, including the Pope, he’s taking the Wolverines back across the pond in 2018.

Harbaugh had previously said he wanted to take his squad either to South Africa or Brazil, but the destination was put to a team vote and a three-city tour consisting of Paris and Normandy, France, and London, England was the winner.

“Rome was great, there was so much to see. One of the things we thought about after the trip was to go to multiple places. Not just stay in one place. There was so much to see in Rome it was unbelievable. There is in Paris but we’re there to see Paris, Normandy and London is the way we’re striving for.”

The Rome trip was said to have cost between $750,000-$800,000 and was paid for by a donor. U-M athletic director Warde Manuel has already said that other donors have lined up to fund this trip next year.

It’s not hard to understand why recruits want to play for Harbaugh as he keeps upping the ante with perks and high-profile enticements. Of course, sooner or later he’s going to have to deliver a National Title in order to make good on all these investments. Depending on how long that takes him is what might determine how long donors keep lining up for Euro-trips.

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