The Washington Commanders just cannot seem to do anything right.

The team is in a world of controversy thanks to Dan Snyder who could potentially be removed in the coming months due to multiple different allegations against him and the Commanders’ organization.

Snyder “may have withheld as much as $5 million in refundable deposits from season ticket holders” as well as being involved in very public sexual harassment claims within the Commanders organization last July.

It only gets worse thanks to defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, who referred to the storming of the Capitol last January that resulted in seven people losing their lives as a “dustup” and has caught some major flack for doing so.

The franchise tried to remodel themselves with a new name, new uniform, and potentially a new stadium to get away from some of the dysfunction surrounding the organization, but it looks as if the new stadium proposed in Virginia will not be in their immediate future.

According to The Associated Press, the Virginia General Assembly has tabled legislation aimed at partially financing a new venue in the state, meaning that the team will need to wait until at least 2023 to re-introduce their pitch.

Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw said that there are “too many issues and controversies surrounding the team for legislation to proceed.”

Many around the NFL world took this news as further proof of the incompetence of the Commanders organization as a whole.

The Commanders’ organization released a statement on the matter,  seemingly supporting the decision to “more deeply examine this issue.”

“We look forward to continued engagement and open dialogue with stakeholders across the Commonwealth to share our vision and hear directly from communities on their economic development objectives and how we can be a trusted, reliable partner to realize those outcomes,” the Commanders said.

It’s unclear whether the comments from Del Rio or the controversy surrounding Snyder was the final nail in the coffin, but the dumpster fire that this organization has created has come back to cost them. The bottom line is that the Commanders’ organization is a laughing stock and deserves nothing until some serious changes come within their leadership as a franchise.

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