Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson comes off the field after practice during the NFL football team’s football training camp in Berea on Wednesday. Watson File Photo 5

The last time Deshaun Watson had to stand in front of a group of reporters, it was August and the Cleveland Browns quarterback had just agreed to an 11-game suspension and $5 million fine over sexual misconduct and assault allegations. Aside from a very scripted interview during a game at the beginning of the season, he hasn’t had to speak with the media until Thursday when he made his required appearance with reporters from practice before his first game back from suspension.

Thursday, Watson met with reporters as the Browns prepare to take on the Houston Texans, and the quarterback made sure that everyone knew he was there to talk football only.

“I understand that you guys have a lot of questions,” Watson said. “But with my legal team and my clinical team, there’s only football questions I can really address at this time.”

When asked a question about what he learned about himself after going through league-mandated therapy, Watson declined to answer.

“That’s more in that phase of clinical and legal stuff,” he said. “I’ve been advised to stay away from that and keep that personal. … I’m focusing on football. That’s my main focus is football and preparing to be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns so I can execute the game plan to try to get a win this Sunday.”

Watson might be ready to get back to business, but there are certainly lots of people out there in the NFL world who would like to hear what he has to say about the allegations, the impact of the suspension, and what he’s learned.


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