NHL Skills challenge

NHL’s new skills competition puts long-shot accuracy to the test

The NHL is adding a brand new event to its All-Star skills challenge leading up to the annual All-Star game. Get ready for “The Four Line Challenge,” where hockey’s best will attempt to hit targets from four different lines on the ice. We’ll be seeing some long range shots in this one. Sportsnet revealed the […]

Cubs tickets

Cubs the latest team to no longer allow you to print tickets at home

Those looking to attend a game in Wrigley Field to watch the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs will have one less option to get hands on tickets in 2017. The option to purchase a ticket online and have the ability to immediately print the tickets at home or at the office is no longer available […]

Cam Newton

Bo Jackson gets worried watching Cam Newton take hits

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was at the center of plenty of critical plays involving blows to the head, questionable officiating and more during the 2016 season. Watching from afar, the concerns for Newton’s health hit home for another former Auburn Heisman Trophy winner, Bo Jackson. Jackson created a stir last fall when he said […]

Antonio Brown

Mike Tomlin says Antonio Brown will be punished for “selfish and inconsiderate” Facebook Live stream

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was caught calling the New England Patriots a bunch of a-holes recently during a Facebook Live stream from Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown Tomlin has apologized for that moment that really hasn’t legitimately bothered anyone without an agenda, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is thrilled with Brown’s social […]

Roger Goodell

Is Roger Goodell dodging New England until the last possible minute?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be in Atlanta on Sunday to watch the NFC Championship Game between the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons in the last game to be played in the Georgia Dome. The historical significance of the game for Atlanta is clear, but it is also entirely possible the commissioner simply does not […]

Vegas winner Aaron Rodgers

Las Vegas sports books take “just colossal” losses on Sunday

The first six games in the NFL postseason went pretty much gone according to plan, and that has been just fine for Las Vegas and offshore sports books. Sunday turned out to be Bloody Sunday for the books, as the underdog Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers each went on the road and won divisional […]

Russia Olympics bid

Russia contemplating bidding for 2028 Olympics

Still fresh off a terrific four-year run between hosting the Winter Olympics with dogs running through the Olympic Village and a Summer Olympics mired by a doping scandal, Russia is seriously considering throwing its hat in the ring to host the 2028 summer games. Alexander Zhukov, president of Russia’s Olympic Committee, says the nation is considering […]

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll calls having two NFL teams in LA “an experiment”

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was once the football king of Los Angeles, so his opinion seeing the NFL relocate two franchises to Los Angeles is not to be taken lightly. And yes, he certainly has an opinion on the news that the Chargers will join the Rams in Los Angeles. “I think it’s […]

Apple Music

Apple looking to create unique shows and movies to bolster Apple Music

One of the biggest names in the technology and entertainment business appears to be set on dabbling in creating unique and exclusive content by the end of this year. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is potentially looking to get in the game with original programming with new shows and movies. Why would Apple want […]